Western Australia, I’m back

This post is about why I’m back in Australia and what I’m doing here.


On June 17th I took a plane back to the land of Oz. My return stemmed from an invitation to volunteer on another epic adventure with Desert Feet Tour.

In 2014, while living in Australia, I took a job as a sound engineer with the not-for-profit organization. Desert Feet Tour produces concerts, studio recordings and music workshops in remote Aboriginal communities. The July tour traveled to the communities of Yandeyarra and Nullagine (Irrungadji). This is my third time out on the dusty trail.


Creative Communication

Texting is a brilliant form of communication. I think the form can be improved though. Have you ever had a conversation using only Haiku?

Here’s a text conversation I had the other day:

Delivering Mushrooms
In the heat of the city
My head will explode




What’s your haiku of the day?


Writing in the trees
Toes in the sand
Self discovery battling my mind


You got the lines mixed up.
575. That was a 547, goon.


Write another one for me?


First five syllables
Seven claps sound like heaven
Poetry is Bliss


Write it yourself. Fun to practice!


Pavement smells like pee
When the sun heats up concrete
There goes my ice cream


Counting on fingers
I struggle to find good words
This poem might suck


Sounds caught in my throat
My voice whines like a robot
What am I doing?


Inside and outside
Roaring ravenous lion
Pretty pink tea party


Last line is fucked.


Grandmas golden ring
Hair rollers and pink lipstick
Stuck up and lovely


You got it!


Fuck off, I quit.


The grandma one is perfect!


Dancing bellies round
Jiggling legs out, up and down
Shaken booties loud


I’m bad at this game
My self confidence at test
Why I even care?


Now you’re getting it
Just play, relax and have fun.
Everyone makes mistakes


My safe river space
Bombarded with intruders
Cigarette butts, too.




Next time you’re bored, stuck in traffic and feel like texting to kill some time, get creative and break some conventions. Perhaps I’ll give limerick communication a shot; next time.


Angels & Demons

I’ve spent the last ten years collecting images that I’ve done very little with.

I’m excited to finally have a platform I can use to share some of my favorite work. Here’s a great photo shoot that magically happened back in 2013 when I was living in Queenstown, New Zealand. The first snow of the season blanketed Central Otago in frosty white. A good friend of mine called me up and asked if my partner and I would put on some costumes for some winter photo fun. (more…)

The end of an escapade

A Proverbial Tube of Paste

“The toothpaste may be gone, but we still have to brush our teeth.”

The other morning I stared down at an empty tube of toothpaste sitting on my bathroom counter. It wasn’t just any tube of paste; it represented my recent travel experience. It’s all used up.

It’s not really used up. After all, isn’t life just one big journey?

Traveling removes us from familiarity. Daily routine evaporates. Old habits are easily forgotten. Grand transformations happen on the road into uncharted territory. Each moment is a new experience no matter where your standing, but you have to recognize it. That’s easy to forget when stuck in a daily grind.

I’m very timid of the daily grind.

I’ve never been good at sustaining regularity. I start to fidget the moment I sit still. That wrinkled tube on the counter made me worry about my return to ‘regularity’.

The toothpaste may be gone, but I still have to brush my teeth.

Stop smoking for the love of yourself.

Quit Smoking in 3 Easy Steps

This article will get you to stop smoking in three easy(ish) steps. Skip the anecdote if you want to cut right to the chase!
A few days ago I treated myself to a spa day. There’s a special place I go that’s near my house where I can get a mineral bath and a wrap for less than $20. During the wrap, laying there mummified in some meditative suspension, I overheard the bathhouse attendant talking about his latest nicotine struggle. He was lamenting to some stranger about his struggle to quit smoking. In order to quit he started chewing. His logic was that it was healthier than smoking, at least for his lungs. The irony is that he’s now addicted to both.
I laid there in my sweaty cocoon thinking how ridiculous this all sounded. My mind began to stray from their conversation as I began to think about when I used to smoke. I didn’t smoke regularly for too long, maybe three three years or so, but it was long enough that I became aware of a habit out of control. I was definitely addicted. It’s a funny process that goes on in the brain. I can still remember thinking, “how in the hell am I going to kick this?”


Journal Entry #1

This is a post I wrote for my travel blog back in 2013. I was only a few months into what became a 29-month adventure across the south pacific. I went to New Zealand with almost no money and had to pray for miracles in order to keep moving. I found work, saved money and bought a car to travel with – only to have it stolen two-weeks later. This post is a reminder to keep the grand adventure in perspective, no matter how tough it gets on the open road!

Art by Josh McHale

The Matrix of My Mind.

The inception of Bless the Change evolved from this post back in December 2013. It’s the first of many ‘journal entries’ that will be cropping up here on the ol’ blogroll in the months that follow.

“It can be painful at first to suddenly wake up and realize that the collective you had identified with and worked for is actually insane.”


– Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth


I have spent the entire year abroad. Away from friends. Away from family. Far from home. 2013 was a time of self-realization and actualization. For the past 25 years I have been gaining knowledge and experience from my external environment. I was living life through the unconscious social conditioning of my mind. This is neither good or bad. We are all victims of conditioning; it begins at infancy. I have experienced amazing things and met brilliant people. There’s been flashes of enlightenment, but for the most part I was still largely unaware of, ‘the matrix of my mind’. The matrix created by my ego that imprisons each of us amongst our thoughts. Individually & collectively. Our attachment to thoughts, ideas, things and emotions is merely a conceptualization of who “I” am. To live a conceptualized life is much different than actually living. (more…)

DIY: Build a Hoop House

Spring is here!

April is here and spring is underway! Now is time to get outside and start preparing those garden beds for the summer harvest.

Building a hoop house is a great Sunday project you can do with your friends and family! Hoops houses like this one are great because they are cheap, light and portable. The one I build in the slideshow above cost less then $5.00!

Be sure and look around your house for any reusable materials before going out and buying what you need. For this project I used some old 2×4’s and a leftover roll of plastic I had laying around in the garage.



Go Travel. Get Paid.

You’re young. Go travel.

A lot of Americans think that world travel is reserved for the fortunate few. In order to play hard you have to work harder, but this isn’t always the case. You don’t need to have tons of money to travel. Having a heap of cash can make things comfortable, but it isn’t necessary. The most memorable experiences on my journey have been the raw ones. Get you’re car stolen and run out of money. Hitchhike across the whole of New Zealand and seek refuge on family farms. Help work the land for a hot meal and a bed to sleep in. You may not have any money, but at least you have your youth. You’ll find a job eventually. It’s all legal too, you have a working holiday visa.

This post is dedicated to all you 20-somethings out there who still don’t know what to do with your life and think that world travel is an unreachable target.